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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Are parents welcome at the lessons?

A.Yes. Parents are encouraged to come to the lessons. We also expects them to assist the student at home.

Q. At what age can my child begin piano lessons?

A. Normally children are ready for piano lessons at the beginning of 2nd grade.

Q. How much will I need to practice?

A. Regular daily practice is most effective. If you can average 40 minutes a day, you'll make good progress. For younger students, 20 minutes a day is often sufficient.

Q. How long and how frequent are the lessons?

A. The standard lesson is 30 minutes. Lesson length may vary depending on student goals/needs. 60 minute lessons are recommended for accelerated learning or for advanced or adult students.

Q. What styles of music do you teach for piano?

A. Students begin using piano method books. As soon as possible, music from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic and Contemporary Periods is incorporated into the lesson.

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